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Fitnessteller mit einem zarten, Schweizer Kalbssteak

Tender pieces of veal from the local butcher

A colorful mixed salad with fresh leafy vegetables, accompanied by crispy stalks and a tender Swiss veal schnitzel. Enjoy the perfect combination of freshness, crunch and savory flavor in every bite. A culinary experience that will satisfy your hunger and pamper your senses.

Innerschwyzer Älplermagronen

Innerschwyzer Älplermagronen

Immerse yourself in the taste of the Swiss Alps with our Innerschwyzer Älplermagronen: macaroni and potato pieces in a hearty cream cheese sauce, garnished with crispy fried onions and accompanied by refreshing apple sauce. A culinary experience that conjures up traditional Alpine delights on your plate. Bon appetit!

Österreichischer Kaiserschmarrn

Austrian Kaiserschmarrn

Try the Austrian dessert tradition: split pancakes, powdered sugar, and delicious plum compote. A sweet treat that enchants you.

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